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phone etiquette

About Us

In 1985, Mary Beth Ingram started a little company in her basement in Indianapolis, Indiana and called it PhonePRO – a training company that would teach skills so lacking in many companies…communicating with kindness, courtesy, respect and professionalism.  In other words, being nice!  A simple concept that is even more relevant today.


In the beginning, Mary Beth was truly a one-woman show – she answered the phones, booked clients and conducted training as well as being a prominent speaker at industry conferences all over the country. High demand meant she could no longer do it all herself, so in 1990 she turned to her husband Terry, who created our sales department.  Like Mary Beth, he instilled a sense of fun into everything he did and to this day he prides himself on the hundreds of client-friends he’s made over the phone and yet never met in person.


Lisa Raven took over as President in 2003.  Lisa’s extensive background in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and Chicago has been a great asset for keeping our training programs current while also keeping the original spirit of FUN front and center.  Under her leadership, we are very excited about the next 25 years at PhonePRO.


Mary Beth and Terry’s spark and passion formed the basis of the PhonePRO brand, and today they continue to advise on our direction while enjoying retirement and volunteering in their community.  They both set the standard for hard work, superior service, creativity, doing the right thing and helping people professionally and personally – and all while having a lot of fun!  And when you meet any of the PhonePROs, you’ll find that we all carry on that legacy with pride.

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