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phone etiquette

Our Philosophy

At PhonePRO we practice what we preach by providing excellent customer service both with our customers and with each other. What we do is not just a business, it’s who we are.  We believe very simply that life should be fun and people should treat each other with respect and kindness.  Our training courses are a reflection of that belief and it shows in our training philosophy which can be summed up as follows:  Real Learning, Real Fun, Real Results!

Real Learning
We will learn about your business in order to customize a training program that fits your goals and objectives and is easy for the reps to relate to and practice immediately.  The most common student feedback we receive is that the training really related to their job and what they do.  From management we hear how well the trainer knew their business and that the training was just what they needed to improve the skills of their frontline staff members.

Real Fun
Our training programs are presented with a sense of humor along with solid, professional techniques – a winning combination!  Our courses are developed using adult learning principles including the fact that adults “learn by doing” and that they learn best when they are enjoying themselves.   As a result, our training is hands-on and interactive so the participants are actively involved in the learning process.  First time PhonePRO trainees often tell us they walk into our training reluctantly, dreading “another boring day of training” and are very pleasantly surprised when they not only learn so many new ideas but actually have a lot of fun in the process.  This is why PhonePRO is known as “the end of the boring training program!”

Real Results
Results are often immediate!  The results our clients have reported range from increased customer satisfaction levels, higher monitoring scores, higher conversion rates and increased revenue and more.  However, the most common and immediate result of our training is an increase in morale, attitude, and employee satisfaction.  The “buzz” created from a visit from PhonePRO can define your company and help you to create a culture of customer service throughout your company.

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