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  • Consumer Reports Publishes Customer Service Survey

    Posted: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

    by PhonePRO

Consumer Reports, the magazine of the Consumers Union, recently issued the results of a customer service survey detailing the person-to-person experiences of their readers in dealings with various companies, and the results aren’t pretty.  According to the nonprofit, “many companies are driving a wedge between themselves and their patrons through poor use of technology and inadequate training of staff.” With the customer service experience in 21 major industries profiled, the results are instructive, serving as a “what not to do” roadmap for companies looking to provide high quality customer care.

*A total of 67% of respondents describe hanging up on customer service agents when it was clear their problem would not be addressed by the agent.  Don’t let this be one of your clients-are you sure your phone representatives are using effective voice tone, positive word choices and problem solving techniques for all your calls? If not…take the necessary steps to train your staff to handle difficult customer concerns, before they happen-not afterwards.

*Over 71% of those polled reported being “tremendously annoyed” when they couldn’t speak to a human being over the phone, and 67% felt the same way when they reached a salesperson who was perceived as rude or uncaring.  Engaging phone techniques can be learned-and situations like those described can be easily avoided with the right customer service staff  training. With Phone Pro’s engaging courses in customer service, you can ensure every one of your staff not only understands customer care…but how to handle any interpersonal situation effectively, every single time.

*In an interesting twist on gender, more women were irritated when they couldn’t actually reach someone on the phone, and men reported greater annoyance at being pitched unrelated products or services during the call. Get your customer care reps thinking in terms of customer solutions-not just sales. With the active listening skills, emphasis on personal accountability and positive language taught by Phone Pro experts,  your employees will sell more, solve more, and enjoy their work more than ever before.

*Perhaps most importantly from our standpoint here at Phone Pro, the Consumer Reports 2012 survey found that just 16% of American consumers prefer to resolve a customer service problem face to face, while 20% would rather resolve it via telephone. Almost 60% answered that it depended on the nature of the problem, and only 2% preferred to use email or a “live chat” feature to complain about bad service. Develop company-wide techniques for resolving consumer complaints effectively. An angry customer can be a challenge for anyone, but Phone Pro teaches real life skills to help your staff manage and resolve concerns quickly and without losing their cool!

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