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  • Are Your Customers Having Fun Yet?

    Posted: Friday, October 19, 2012

    by PhonePRO

According to consultant Harley Manning, the customer experience is quantified in three ways. First, how well do you meet your client’s needs? Are your employees trained to listen to your clients? Are your employees able to articulately answer questions, steer someone to the right department or product area, or simply, and perhaps most importantly, just communicate a willingness to help? Secondly, how easy is it to do business with your company? Is it difficult to place an order online? Is it hard to get a repair? Is it problematic for a customer to make a special request or ask for a call back from a supervisor? You can have the very best product or service in the world, but if you’re answering “yes” to the above questions, your company has a serious problem. Finally, how fun is it to do business with you? That may seem a superfluous question if you run an engineering firm or sell dry wall supplies, but as Manning assures us, it’s an important consideration no matter what your area of expertise. Whether you sell puppy sweaters or provide specialized parts for oil drilling platforms, making a customer’s day even mildly enjoyable is the closest you’ll ever come to an ironclad guarantee of future success.

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