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  • Don’t Forget: Your Employees Are Your Other Customers

    Posted: Monday, July 22, 2013

    by PhonePRO

Harvard University researchers first defined the “service-profit chain” model as the relationships between profitability, customer loyalty and employees who are loyal and largely satisfied by their work. Within these relationships, termed “propositions” in their study, profitability is a measure of customer loyalty. Customer loyalty, in turn, is created by customer satisfaction. Finally, customer satisfaction comes from high quality services provided to the consumer-value that comes from employees who feel productive, important and supported by their company.

In other words, unhappy employees, or employees who aren’t trained or encouraged to communicate well, can’t communicate well with your customers either. A negative atmosphere within a call center will translate into negative calls with your customers. Are you dealing with customer service problems at your company? Stop the cycle-and take advantage of this “service-profit chain” by training your employees not just how to communicate with your customers, but with each other too.

PhonePRO isn’t just about teaching your staff how to answer a call. We’re about creating a positive, win-win environment in the workplace for your company, where employees can feel supported and encouraged to succeed, not undermined. PhonePRO teaches the positive communication techniques that can allow your supervisors to provide necessary feedback in a way that employees can really hear, not just defend against. PhonePRO also helps staff learn appropriate ways to handle conflict, personality differences, and stress within the workplace.

As the Harvard study first established, profitability is the end result of a great customer service relationship with your employees first, and consumers second. Make it happen, with PhonePRO!

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