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  • Freedom of choice is everything in Customer Care

    Posted: Monday, October 1, 2012

    by PhonePRO

Customer service has been around as long as the cavemen traded a nice pair of mastodon bone earrings for some wooly mammoth steaks, but have you ever given much thought to how the Internet and recent cultural trends have changed the way businesses go about providing superior customer care? A recent interview with Zack Urlocker, Chief Operating Officer at Zendesk, the customer service software company, outlined his thoughts on recent themes in how companies take care of their clients-or don’t.

1.)The idea of a regular work day is quickly disappearing. Customers now expect support outside conventional business hours. Is your company prepared to handle these needs beyond the traditional nine to five?

2.) Social media is making brand identity synonymous with reputation management. With platforms everywhere for your customer to share their experiences in working with your company, your reputation for service-or not-will be how consumers identify you on the Internet.

3.) Consumers must have multiple ways to get in touch. Email, phone, social media-allow your customer plenty of options when it comes to communication with you. Statistical evidence demonstrates that people prefer multiple avenues for making contact whenever possible. Don’t force someone’s hand by insisting they only can email you to get in their order, or are required pick up the phone to ask a question. In today’s internet savvy environment, freedom of choice is everything.

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