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  • Great Customer Care Pays Off

    Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012

    by PhonePRO

Great Customer Care Pays Off

Ever considered what kind of returns you get on providing great customer service to your customers? Stella Service, a company focused on evaluating and rating online customer service experiences, decided to find out. In 2010-2011, they commissioned a study devoted to finding out, among other questions, how much more-if at all-customers were willing to pay for a superior customer service experience, and how consumer behavior changed after a positive interaction online or by telephone with a particular business.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the study found the estimated value of great customer service was close to $ 267.8 billion dollars per year. They also found consumers on average were willing to pay 9.7% more for products and services when they knew they’d have an easy, pleasant experience with a company. Businesses including Internet service providers, consumer products, hotels, consumer products, online retail and healthcare were particular categories with the highest consumer premium placed on positive customer experience. While fast shipping, easy website navigation, a simple returns or refund policy were all considered significant parts of this interaction, knowledgeable, pleasant and helpful customer service agents were ranked in the top three “most important elements” of great customer care.

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