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  • Priceless Goodwill for Only $5

    Posted: Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    by PhonePRO

Hard to Schedule a Convenient Time or Location? Get Live Webinars and Video Instead!

Hard to Schedule a Convenient Time or Location? Get Live Webinars and Video Instead!

Here at PhonePRO, we train people to stay positive-and to see every challenge as an opportunity for excellence. Nothing makes us happier than a heart-warming story about great customer care. The website Consumerist, in a year end survey of “above and beyond” customer service experiences from their readers, reports that customer James and his wife, both rabid fans of the British television show Dr. Who, had pledged to give each other one Christmas gift this year, despite their meager finances. With great effort, James saved and scrimped for a single $25 Mastercard from the supermarket, something that would allow him to purchase the Dr. Who gift he knew his wife would love from the online retailer He placed the order only to find that with tax, his order came to $26.84, a little more than a dollar and a quarter more than he had anticipated or for which he had the funds. He contacted the company’s service representative to explain his predicament, without much hope that they would be able to make an exception for his dire financial straits. Because it was Christmas…and because this company clearly has had solid customer service training, the service representative cheerily granted him a $5 gift card, allowing him to make his purchase and present his wife with her special present. Sound unnecessary or over the top? Perhaps. But think about the free advertising this experience “bought” for the company-and the goodwill it generated, all for $5 and a smile.

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