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  • A Day in the Life of A Customer

    Posted: Monday, February 2, 2015

    by PhonePRO

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Ever wonder what the customer experience is like for customers today? Take a look at several recent customer survey results:


  • 51% of U.S. consumers switched service providers in the past year due to poor customer service experiences, up 5% from 2012. Source: Accenture customer satisfaction report 2013


  • 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Source: McKinsey


  • 55% of customers would pay extra to guarantee a better serviceSource: Defaqto research


The customer experience can make or break a company. We have all been there, right? As a customer, you contact a company with an issue or question and ended the call feeling unimportant and frustrated. But do you remember the time you called and had a great experience? The representative on the phone was polite, helpful, and adeptly guided the call to resolution? You felt satisfied, heard, respected, and taken care of. Your positive experience solidified your connection with that company and increased your desire to stay a customer. Let’s have more of that!

The great news is that, with training, your customer service representatives can create that type of positive customer experience. Contrary to popular belief, Customer Service skills aren’t intuitive; they are learned through training and development, and need to be practiced to be sustained. PhonePRO’s Customer ServicePRO class will deliver the results your customer service team needs. Your team will learn how get the call started off right, how to use vocabulary choices that create positive communication, how to manage the flow of the call, how to turn around difficult calls, and more!Implementing PhonePRO standards and best practices will ensure that your customers have a consistently positive experience, no matter when they call or who they speak with at your organization.

If your 2015 goals include improving your customers’ experience, we would love to consult with you and get a training plan in place. Contact Monica with our Solutions Team at or 800-888-4893.

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