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  • Agent Engagement: Are You Doing Everything You Can?

    Posted: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

    by PhonePRO


We all know the common wisdom, that it costs 10 times more to attract a new customer than

keep an old one. And yet, many companies ignore the most important aspect of their customer

retention strategy: the customer service agents themselves. Are yours really engaged in what

they’re doing, or just going through the motions?


According to a recent Gallup survey, only 30% of the workforce today reports feeling interested

and engaged by their jobs. As for the other 70%, well…perhaps they have something to do with

the more than $28 billion dollars annually lost to poor attendance, absenteeism and employee

turnover. According to the study, a staff member who cares will take 43% fewer sick days than

their less motivated co-workers. These happy employees also have a 56% lower turnover rate

than their unsatisfied counterparts.


So what’s the solution? PhonePRO has an answer.


PhonePRO customized trainings are the key element in a customer service and sales force

that build a business, not tear it down. After our seminars, you’ll be able to count on all your

employees to provide world class service every single time, no matter what the situation.


Our customer service training & telephone etiquette courses are more than just another boring

day at the office. We don’t make your employees practice “trust falls,” or simply reiterate the

importance of “please” and “thank you” to your staff (though those are always important!).

We’re more than just manners. We’re about attitude.


At PhonePRO, we teach skills to not only help all your employees deliver outstanding service to

your clientele, but also focus on communication skills that re-energize and motivate employees.

Feedback from all our training programs has been overwhelmingly positive, with companies

reporting not only huge gains in sales but a renewed sense of purpose among their staff.


Morale counts, and when your people don’t feel important or valued, it shows. Break the

cycle, while boosting profits at the same time. Call PhonePRO to explore ways our varied

selection of interesting, informative programs can make a difference for your organization.

Unlike other customer service training companies, we customize our work to fit your needs and

your schedule. We offer leadership and sales training, conflict management and team building

programs too.


Affordable, effective, our PhonePRO customer service and sales programs are the secret

weapon you need to set yourself apart in today’s marketplace. Get in touch, today!

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