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  • Companies Who Invest, Outperform

    Posted: Monday, August 17, 2015

    by PhonePRO

PhonePRO wants to help your organization develop the long term program that you need to increase revenue through reduced employee turnover and increased customer engagement! While periodic training yields turn around with temporary increases in productivity and the cultural shot in the arm most employees need every now and again, a long term training program is proven to provide the results that companies are looking for down the road. And employees, too!

People arranging the important partEmployees feel secure when they know they are being invested in by their organizational leaders. Happy employees create happy customers. Both the Harvard Business Review and Forbes have identified higher performing companies as those who invest the most into their employees. For example, The Cheesecake Factory invests $2,000 annually into each employee (on average). They credit the result of $1,000 in sales per square foot, double the industry standard, to the continuous investment into their people. At Hyatt Hotels, their continuous training program has translated into an average housekeeping employee tenure as longer than 12 years in comparison to less than 4 years for the average worker in the industry.

Let us help you develop a program that fits with your organizational goals! Whether you’re looking for more personal development for your front line staff, want to see sales adopt a customer service focus, needing Emerging Leader support, or want a formalized Leadership program…we can help make the training and development pieces fit into your big picture!

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