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  • Handling a Difficult Customer

    Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

    by PhonePRO

We’ve all had them: the angry customer, the raging client, the person whose level of bitterness

and vitriol is only matched by their escalating threats. Is there a way to handle these folks

successfully? It can be done.

First, focus on listening. Not just passively taking in what they’re saying, but actively,

sympathetically listening to their concerns and taking the time to let them know you want to

understand what they’re upset about. Ask questions if you need to, and avoid attempting to

solve a problem before you really understand what happened or its impact on the person with

whom you’re speaking.

Next, work towards a solution, not a stand off. You may have all the answers, and they may be

confused about policy, but in the end, who cares? They’re still mad, and you’ll lose a customer

if you reduce the interaction to a tug of war over who’s right and who’s wrong. Let go of

blame, and move towards resolving their concerns instead.

Sympathize with the person, even if you can’t with their problem. You may not be able to fix

what’s wrong, but you can let your customer know you care. Follow up with them later to see

how the situation was resolved. Send an email or call. Remember, it’s the human interaction

that counts in retaining a customer. Show someone they matter, and you’ll have a customer for


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