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  • McDonald’s Admits Recent Customer Service Failure

    Posted: Thursday, November 21, 2013

    by PhonePRO

Cheeseburger and Fries

If you’re struggling with customer service issues at your company, you’re not alone. Fast food giant McDonald’s announced to franchisees in a recent webcast that 1 in 5 customer complaints for the company were directly related to poor customer service and “lack of friendliness.” The number one problem reported by consumers to company headquarters? Rude, unpleasant employees. Worse still, according to McDonald’s vice president of business research Steve Levigne, this was an escalating problem. As a slide he showed during the presentation said, “Service is broken.” The effects of this decline have not gone unnoticed by Wall Street…or Main Street, for that matter. Sales reports for the company slipped in 2012, a descent that has continued into 2013.

By all accounts, customer service is now priority one for the company and its franchisees. The lesson for the rest of us is clear. Customer service is a critical element of any successful business model. If you depend on phone sales or just hear from existing customers, you must prepare your employees to provide consistent, high quality customer service with every single call.

The good news? It’s affordable, fun and easy with PhonePro’s variety of training options. We’re not just another seminar to be endured by your staff. PhonePro is your secret for having confident, poised customer service agents who will turn every call into a positive recommendation for your company. Whether you serve burgers or sell plumbing equipment, PhonePro can turn your business into the customer service powerhouse your team and your consumers deserve. Call us today to discuss how we can help!

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