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The Real Value of Customer Service: Implementation Counts

In today’s marketplace, everyone talks about customer service. However, let’s face facts. Only some companies take real steps to implement the changes necessary in order to create the customer-centric experience that pays off when it comes to the bottom line. Is your business one of the latter, or are you just hoping for miracles when it comes to your employees answering the phone? The good news: investment in the training necessary to equip your staff to handle any service situation adds real value to your company. Remember, it’s far cheaper to retain an existing customer than attract a new one. With employees well trained for any problem or personality, upsells and repeat business become the norm. Just as you work to ensure your products or services are delivered with the same quality, in the same way, time after time, a strong customer service training program is the way to guarantee consistency across the board when it comes to the human element of doing business. PhonePRO customer service training allows your employees to deliver the same positive, enthusiastic and personal service again and again, no matter what the circumstances. That’s the kind of customer service that’s no happy accident. It’s real value. employee engagement

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