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  • “Saving Mr. Banks” and Your Brand’s Bank Account

    Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

    by PhonePRO


We saw the popular film “Saving Mr. Banks” over the weekend, and enjoyed it very much.

Reading later about how it came to be made, we saw that CEO Alan Horn had referred to the

movie as a “brand deposit” for the Walt Disney Company. The story, an engaging tale about the

making of the film “Mary Poppins,” and the sometimes contentious relationship between Walt

Disney himself and P.L. Travers, the book’s author, featured both Disneyland and characters

who worked behind the scenes at Disney Studios prominently.


Once we ate our popcorn and dried our eyes (it had a touching ending), the picture got us to

thinking. How often are the rest of us making similar “brand deposits?” And what exactly does

that have to do with customer service anyway?


For the Walt Disney company, obviously Horn believes that “Saving Mr. Banks” film generates

warm feelings about Disneyland, the Mary Poppins story, and the character of Walt Disney

himself as played by Tom Hanks-and that these sentiments will count for a lot the next time

you visit their theme park or buy a Disney product. Even if you have to wait in line, or don’t

like the knick knack, or decide their next animated picture isn’t for you, the goodwill they have

on reserve with you from such a film will hopefully more than make up for the unpleasant



The brilliant marketing genius Steve Jobs also talked about “brand equity.” He referred to it

as the goodwill a company accumulates with its customers. Functioning much like a bank

account, he believed brand equity is accrued with the everyday positive experiences consumers

have with your business. If you’re Starbucks, it’s within every smile and hot coffee your barista

passes along to you. If you’re an online retailer, brand deposits are made every time a caller

has a positive experience with one of your customer service agents to place an order. And

remember, as Jobs pointed out, brand deposits aren’t necessarily linked to the money spent or

size of your latte. A simple and genuine “how are you today?” can be just as much of a brand

deposit as the delivery of a perfect product.


PhonePro is about building this invisible brand equity. We provide hands on training and

important insights to your staff so they can handle every single call with poise, courtesy

and grace. After all, while you can’t prevent the eventual mistakes that go along with every

business- the wrong order, or a late delivery, or the malfunctioning product-you can ensure

your employees are filling the accounts with as much goodwill as possible with every single call.

We’d even go so far to say that t is precisely these deposits that make the difference between

success and failure in the marketplace.


Make sure your brand’s balance is “in the black” for 2014 and beyond. Call us today to find out

more about how we can help…spit spot!

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