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phone etiquette

What You Get – Original


Each of our web seminars is equipped with a Certificate of Completion that will automatically pop up at the end of each session. 


A quiz to assess skill comprehension is embedded in each of the customer service web seminars.


All of our seminars include helpful handouts for notes and reference.  The handouts can be easily cut to index size and used as a quick reference at your desk!

Training Management Tools

Our Training Management Website is a one stop shop for all your training implementation needs!  Using the email and password provided in the order confirmation email, access valuable resources to maximize the training experience and investment.


Check out the many benefits of the Training Management site!

•  Reporting at your convenience: If your employees are viewing a seminar at their desk and you have been assigned the task of ensuring that everyone completes the training, life just got easier! A completion report is just a mouse click away on our new Training Management Website. 


•  Certificate of Accomplishment: For those watching the seminars individually, a certificate will automatically pop up at the end of the webinar.  However, now the trainer can access and prepare certificates prior to the group session.  Each certificate will include the date, the name of the seminar and the name of the participant.


•  Handouts: Great for notes and reference, our handouts can be cut down into index size cards so your staff can use them at their work station.  This is a great way to assist your staff in implementing these solid skills into their everyday work routine. 


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