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Coaching 101

While new training and techniques are essential to the growth of any business, the real success lies in the coaching of those techniques.  With a coaching program in place, the new techniques and procedures will be more readily accepted and implemented by the staff.


PhonePRO’s approach to coaching is very different from the typical approach, because we emphasize “Asking” instead of “Telling” in a coaching session, so that the staff members discover their own path to self-improvement. And by doing this, they will more readily accept both the new techniques and the coaching program as a whole.


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In Coaching 101, your coaches will learn:
•  Why it is important to coach staff
•  The essentials of establishing or refining a coaching program

Key Concepts:
•  Coaching terms & definitions
•  Benefits of coaching
•  Differences between Coaching & Monitoring
•  Developing a balanced program
•  Standards vs. Styles
•  Conducting a coaching session
•  Developing a coaching form & summary form
•  Launching a coaching program
•  “Outside the Box” ideas for coaching applications

45 minutes


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