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Coaching Calibration

Wrapping up our coaching series, we’ll discuss why Calibration is critical to any successful coaching program, as well as how to achieve and maintain it.


All successful coaching programs are supported by coaches who regularly calibrate. If calibration is missing, the coaches will most likely be coaching to their own personal style preferences rather than the company or department standards. This will inevitably lead to confusion and resentment within the staff, since their experience with coaching will change with each different coach!


The only way to ensure confidence and consistency in a coaching program, is to have coaches that calibrate on a regular basis. By attending this web seminar, you will have all of the tools necessary to integrate calibration into your coaching program.


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In Coaching Calibration, your coaches will learn:
•  How to document departmental standards
•  How to utilize reference lists as the primary source of calibration
•  Guidelines for positive and effective calibration meetings

Key Concepts:
Calibration definitions
•  Tools for calibration
•  Review of standards & styles
•  Creating & using a reference list
•  Creating & using a calibration ‘scoring’ worksheet
•  Conducting a calibration meeting
•  Handling inconsistencies
•  Consensus methods

Length: 45 minutes


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