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The Art of Feedback

It is easier to simply tell someone exactly what you want them to change, than it is to guide them toward making that decision.  However, aren’t we all more open to change if we come to that conclusion ourselves, rather than being told?


Giving feedback that encourages self-development instead of forced development is a real art.  Continuing our coaching series, we’ll look at ways to give feedback that make coaching a positive and enjoyable experience for both coaches and staff!


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In The Art of Feedback, your coaches will learn:
•  Techniques to elicit change and improvement in your staff
•  Areas of improvement self-diagnosed by the rep via coaching
•  How to give feedback that will motivate, not discourage your staff
•  How to have fun during the process so your staff has fun as well!

Key Concepts:
•  Review of coaching concepts
•  4-Step coaching formula for best results
•  Application of coaching formula
•  Two simple rules for giving feedback
•  Incorporating formula & rules in coaching
•  Reminders & helpful hints

Length: 50 minutes


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