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phone etiquette

Wordsmything I

With body language removed from the communication process over the phone, word and phrasing choices are even more critical.  We may not always think certain vocabulary words and phrases are “problematic” but our customers may!  Mastering the techniques in this seminar, we’ll ensure good communication and have customers who understand and accept our information more quickly.


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In Wordsmything I: Proceed with Caution (Parts 1 & 2), your staff will learn:
•  How to choose the right word or phrase to send the best message
•  How to say “no” in a positive way by removing negative phrasing
•  How to decrease customer resistance and increase cooperation

Key Concepts:
•  Vocabulary and Voice Tone
•  Words and Their Meanings
•  Avoiding Yellow Zone “Not” Words
•  Heavy Obligation and Personal Accusatory Phrases
•  More Yellow Zone Troublemakers

Length: Approximately 20 minutes each (Part 1 & 2)

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