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Telephone Tyrants

We all wish that every interaction with our customers would be both positive and uplifting.  But as the saying goes, “You can’t make everyone happy all of the time.”  As a result, we find ourselves in the middle of a conversation in which the customer’s anger is rising as quickly as our stress level!  However, by understanding and empathizing with your customer, it is often times possible to turn that negative energy, into positive energy.  In this session we will discover a process that will leave your customer feeling heard and assured that your staff has provided their best effort to resolve the situation.


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In Telephone Tyrants: Survival Tools (Parts 1 & 2), your staff will learn:
•  “Must have” information for handling difficult callers
•  How to keep those callers from ruining their day or the next call
•  Tips for reducing the emotional impact of difficult callers
•  Skills that turn a stressful encounter into a positive interaction
•  How voice tone is a critical factor in a successful phone call

Key Concepts:
•  Emotions, Energy & Empathy
•  Identifying Types of Callers
•  Survival Tools: Very Difficult Callers
•  Survival Tools: Abusive Callers

Length:  Approximately 20 minutes each (Part 1 & 2)

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