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phone etiquette

Wordsmything II

Sometimes, no matter how skilled your employees are on the phone, getting information from callers can be a frustrating experience for all involved in the interaction.  In this session, we’ll discuss subtle “gems” that will create a comfortable and safe conversation, inviting the client into a partnership by asking for their help while at the same time, directing the call.


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In Wordsmything II: Gems for Conversation (Parts 1 & 2), your staff will learn:
•  Vocabulary that increases cooperation and decreases resistance
•  Words and phrases that control the call while building rapport
•  How to gather information and ensure that calls are productive

Key Concepts:
•  Voice Tone Development
•  Attitude & Mood Factors
•  Your Voice as an Instrument
•  Affirming Phrases – Motivating Phrases

Length:  Approximately 20 minutes each (Part 1 & 2)

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