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phone training

How It Works

Training needs vary from company to company.   That’s why we offer our web seminars via two different options: Pay as You Go – or - Learning Management System access (LMS). 

Option 1 – Pay As You Go

Step 1: Determine which seminars meet your needs

  • Customer Service: Etiquette Essentials, Proceed with Caution, Gems for Conversation, Survival Tools & One Great Reception.


  • Coaching: Coaching 101, the Art of Feedback for Coaches & Coaching Calibration.  This series is a great fit for Team Leaders, Management and anyone in a supervisory role that wants to learn how to coach staff on the PhonePRO techniques.

Step 2: Determine the number of tickets you need – one ticket per seminar

How many seminars do you want each of your employees to view?
How many employees will view these seminars individually at their desk?
If you will be holding group training, how many groups will you have go through each of these seminars?
Total number of tickets needed

The tickets do not expire until all of the seminars are viewed, so you can buy seminar tickets now and watch them later! Depending on the number of tickets needed, however, it may be more cost effective to simply purchase a temporary license that will allow for unlimited access to all of our webinars for a period of time.


Tickets – Pay per View
Unlimited Access for…
$30 per viewing
30 Days… $500
60 Days…  $1000
90 Days…  $1200
6 Months… $2200
1 Year….   $4200



Step 3: Order your tickets

After ticket purchase, you will have access to all of our web seminars to select from.  Mix and match as you wish in order to best meet your training goals.

A receipt will be emailed to the address listed on the registration form immediately after completing the order.  A paid invoice will also be sent via email within 2 business days.

Step 4: Log in and access the web seminars and handouts

There are 2 ways to login and access the web seminars and corresponding handouts.

  1.  - the login is located on the “Web Seminars” drop down menu.
  2. Login link at the bottom of the purchase confirmation email.

Step 5: Manage / Facilitate training

For employees viewing seminars at their desk:

  1. Forward email confirmation to each participant, which includes the password needed for web seminar access.
  2. Employee will view the seminar, take the quiz, and print off the Certificate of Accomplishment at the end of seminar.
  3. Training Manager can monitor the viewing status through reporting provided on our Training Management website.
  4. Seminar tickets purchased on the Training Management website will be added to the current password for reporting ease.

For small group facilitation:

Through the Training Management Website,

  1. Preprint handouts for the participants
  2. Preprint Certificates of Accomplishment
  3. Log in to the seminar of your choice.

Option 2 – LMS Access

PhonePRO’s customer service online training courses are also available in SCORM compliant modules and can be easily installed onto your existing Learning Management System.

Questions?  We’re here to help!  800-888-4893

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