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phone etiquette

What Our Clients Say

“I’ve participated in a lot of webinars and on-line training. Your program is very good. It is brief so it holds attention, and is informative and practical. Thank You.”


“Keep up the good work. PhonePRO rocks!”


“All techniques were very helpful. There’s no way to do any other describe what I liked other than ‘All of the Above’!”


“I really enjoyed all sessions and thought they were very informative!”


“The techniques presented cover from the greeting until the finish of the call…every topic of a phone call between customer and provider.”


“Straight forward, helpful information.”


“The seminar delivered the necessary information and also brought humor and real life situations to participants who may resist or feel silly using the techniques at first. It brought a feeling of familiarity with it.”


“All techniques were very helpful and are extremely useful.”


“I’ve enjoyed the training and it was really easy to understand. I believe that following these techniques, we can make the customer happier.”


“I have completed Core Four, but I would very much like to take additional PhonePRO courses!”


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