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Coaching Topics

Ongoing training is essential to the growth and success of your business, and sustaining that success lies in the coaching of the new skills.  Coaching causes real behavior change because the training will be more easily accepted and implemented by your staff.  After your management team attends Coach-the-Coach, they will have the tools to better mentor your staff toward performance improvement.

PhonePRO’s Coach-the-Coach Training includes:

Coaching 101

  • Why Coach?  A look at the benefits of coaching
  • 4-Step coaching formula
  • Developing a coaching form & summary form
  • The difference between Coaching vs. Monitoring
  • Making coaching a welcomed activity within the environment


The Knack of Feedback

  • How positive reinforcement can quickly change behavior and the importance of “catching people doing things right”
  • Giving feedback that is motivating instead of discouraging
  • The importance of specific and timely feedback
  • How to determine which style of feedback is appropriate with each staff member
  • Two simple rules for giving feedback


Calibrate Good Times…come on!

  • Standards vs. Styles – Differentiating between a personal style and a departmental standard
  • Handle inconsistencies between coaches and develop consensus
  • Calibration meeting guidelines
  • Creating & using a calibration scoring worksheet


A Coaching Program in “Real Life”

  • How to launch a successful and well received coaching program
  • Practice conducting your own coaching session
  • Ideas for ‘quick coaching’ that will fit your schedule
  • How to get the M.O.S.T. from coaching…make it Motivating, do it Often, keep it Specific and Timely


With PhonePRO’s Coach-the-Coach course, your managers will learn the techniques and benefits of providing positive coaching for your staff. When your staff are active participants in the coaching process, they discover their own need for improvement and are more motivated to make necessary changes in their performance.

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