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I want to provide training for my staff. Do I need Coach-the-Coach?

Coach-the-Coach is designed to provide skills for coaching the PhonePRO techniques learned in Customer Service or Sales. We realize it’s impossible to retain 100% of what is learned in training, so with Coach-the-Coach your supervisors, team leads and management will learn to coach the staff on the new techniques and skills learned in class. It reinforces the new skills and helps the staff to practice them until they become habit. It’s the best ‘return on investment’ insurance for your training.
If you have your own in-house training program for service or sales and need help in learning to coach your techniques, then ask us about Effective Coaching, which is designed specifically for that scenario!

We can't record or monitor calls. Should we still take Coach-the-Coach?

Yes! Coaching and monitoring are two very different activities. PhonePRO defines coaching as an ‘out-in-the-open’ activity for the purpose of self-development, while monitoring is a ‘behind-the-scenes’ activity for the purpose of quality control’. Coaching involves the coach finding ways to help the staff develop themselves and to help them through the process of learning and making changes. Even without monitoring, this is a very productive way of promoting positive changes in your staff.

We can't agree on the best way to coach staff. How will this course help?

It’s to be expected that in any group of people, there will be many opinions on how to do things. Everyone has their own style. However, in a coaching environment, this can lead to chaos. So standards are necessary to gain consensus and create consistency.
A standard is an objective measure that applies equally to all; and in a coaching program, they are vital for creating a unified perspective and consistent results. Standards are needed to make coaching work. And coaching is needed to make standards work. Without specific, objective, written standards, our feedback can easily become subjective and generic.
Coach-the-Coach will thoroughly address the topic of standards and styles and will guide your coaches toward creating calibration and consistency so that your coaching program is a success.

What is the best class size?

Ideally, we prefer 5 to 10 people in class with a maximum of 15. However, we can work with your specific needs and can accommodate smaller and larger groups.

Which is a better fit for me? Onsite Training or Web Seminars?

If we delivered an onsite service or sales program for you, we recommend having an onsite Coach-the-Coach day. This will enable the customization that was utilized in the training program to be carried over into the coaching program. Your coaches will benefit greatly by having their PhonePRO instructor guide them through the concepts of implementing a successful coaching and quality assurance program. Web seminars are a great alternative if a Coach-the-Coach day isn’t feasible or if your service training was delivered via web seminars. They can also be highly effective as refresher workshops for coaches that have attended Coach-the-Coach.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing varies according to the number of days our instructor is onsite at your location as well as the length of the program and how many people we will be training. Rest assured, we have designed training programs for clients with a variety of staffing and other challenges. Most of our onsite classes are full days (7 hours of training) and start at $2400/day. Contact us for a quote! Give us a call at 800-888-4893 or email us at and we will help you design the best training program to meet your goals!

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