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phone etiquette

How It Works

PhonePRO’s Coach-the-Coach program

Who Should Attend?
Coach-the-Coach will benefit everyone that is in a coaching or leadership position at your organization.  This includes Supervisors, Team Leaders, Managers, Directors, Department Heads and anyone charged with the responsibility that the techniques learned in a PhonePRO class are applied by the staff.

This workshop is the lasting reinforcement for PhonePRO’s Customer Service and Sales training sessions, and is only offered to companies that have already completed one of these courses.


Class Details
Complete 7 hours in a single day or condensed into half-day sessions over 2 days. Our ideal class size is up to 20 coaches. Our best training recommendation consists of three steps:
Tailor, Teach and Tutor. Keep in mind…we will modify the agenda to suit your needs!

  • TailorCustomization of your program
  • TeachTraining Days
  • TutorCoach-the-Coach


Keeping the skills alive with Coach-the-Coach is the best step after the training days.  It’s the best way to maximize your training dollars long after your PhonePRO trainer has “left the building”.  This workshop is an important component of our training program and will give your company leaders tools to build and maintain staff relationships.

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