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One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching gives your employees the attention they deserve!

One-on-One Coaching…with or without Coach-the-Coach
One of the best ways to ensure the ongoing success of a training program is to conduct coaching sessions with each staff member and give immediate feedback on the techniques learned in class.  One-on-One Coaching is a great addition to a Coach-the-Coach training day – it will show your coaches how it’s done by the PRO’s and set them up for immediate success.  It can also be a stand alone day without Coach-the-Coach if you just want your PhonePRO Trainer to help your staff hone their skills.


Want to coach but no time to do it?  No problem!
Coaching is a critical element in ongoing skill development, so while many of our clients intend to coach regularly, many simply have too much else on their plates.  Or they start with the best intentions, but it simply falls off their radar.  We can help!  Your PhonePRO Trainer can conduct One-on-One Coaching sessions with your staff members immediately following training, on a monthly or as-needed basis. They will highlight positive behaviors, identify missed opportunities and provide constructive feedback in order to create an action plan for future calls.  This individual attention will set your staff up for success so they continue to exceed your customer’s expectations.


PhonePRO’s One-on-One Coaching includes:

  • Individualized feedback regarding personal strengths
  • Identification of opportunities for improvement
  • Reinforcement of positive behaviors
  • Personalized action plan for self-improvement
  • Increased awareness of their natural job performance abilities
  • Overall improvement in job performance

Individual coaching can make a real difference in the lives of your employees and the satisfaction of your customers!

Here are a few comments from our clients about their experience:

“Finally!  We received real help instead of just monitoring reports! Hearing what I’m doing right instead of just what I’m doing wrong is so much more inspiring!  Now I feel like I can do better!”


“The coaching sessions were really helpful. I saw right away what I had done well and what I could have done better.  Thank you!”


“Getting feedback from our trainer after learning the new skills was very helpful.  It was great to have someone there listening to show me what I could work on to have
better calls.”

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