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Communication Styles

Communication Styles…for better staff and customer interactions.

Solve the mystery of why some people get along and others don’t.
Did you ever wonder why Al in Accounting doesn’t get along with Susie in Sales?  Accounting can tend to attract folks with a certain communication style, while Sales can attract the opposite.  The key to better communication is to understand each others style preference and “flex” as necessary to bridge the style gap.

Team Building that motivates people to work together.
Understanding communication style preferences will help your employees communicate better with each other – even if they aren’t the same, they’ll have the tools to “meet in the middle”.  It can also help a department discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses and adapt accordingly so that everyone’s talents are being utilized.

Understanding yourself will help you better understand others.
Identifying your own personality type can lead to a lot of great “ah-ha” moments!  We will build on those moments with specific ideas and strategies about how to communicate with someone whose style is very different than yours.  Sometimes, knowing why people say and do the things they do can go a long way toward alleviating stress and conflict within the conversation.

Clear the way to effective communication…with Style!

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