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What is Communication Styles? How does it relate to Customer Service or Sales?
Communication Styles is a personality-typing workshop that is a great follow up for groups who have already had Customer Service or Sales training. This workshop goes a step further by helping your staff to identify customers’ and coworkers’ preferred communication styles. It is very interactive and fun and your staff will learn a lot about themselves as well as how to communicate more effectively with others. It can also be used as a great team building workshop.

How long is the class?
It is a four hour workshop. Many of our clients schedule two sessions per day so that everyone can enjoy this training. It is definitely not limited to those who are on the phone with customers – everyone can benefit from learning more about communication styles!

What is the best class size?

This training is extremely hands-on and interactive. For that reason it is preferred to have at least 10-20 students per class with a recommended maximum of 25.

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