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How It Works

PhonePRO’s Communication Styles workshop

Who Should Attend?
Anyone interested in enhancing their communication skills related to face-to-face, written and telephone conversations. It will benefit everyone that attends by giving them the tools to identify different communication style preferences and how to adapt themselves to each of them in order to increase cooperation and decrease resistance with their customers and co-workers.

Class details
3 hour workshop
Our ideal class size is 15 people or more

This is a lively 3 hours!  It is an extremely interactive and fun workshop.  Using several group activities and exercises, participants are guided toward learning their own personality styles and those of their customers and co-workers. Expect a lot of fun, laughter and “ah-ha” moments! Communication Styles can be a stand alone workshop, or scheduled in conjunction with other training days such as Customer Service or Sales. It’s up to you!

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