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Course Overview

Contrary to popular belief, treating others as you want to be treated isn’t always the best practice when it comes to communication, because it assumes that everyone is just like YOU. Some people want a lot of human interaction, while others just want the facts; some people crave details while others are paralyzed by them. These differences can make communicating with each other a challenge. Good communication is an art and mastering it can be the key for building stronger customer and workplace relationships.

PhonePRO’s Communication Styles includes:

Style Preference Identification

  • Group exercise to identify each individual’s personality type
  • Identify others’ communication style preferences & behavior clues
  • Recognize important communication signals more clearly
  • Tools to identify and respond to customer needs and create better customer relations

4-part Framework for Identifying Communication Styles

  • “Talk it Out” vs. “Think it Through”
  • “Specifics” vs. “The Big Picture”
  • “Logical Implications” vs. “Impact on People”
  • “Joy of Closure” vs. “Joy of Processing”

Job & Teamwork Benefits

  • Better time management for each call
  • Methods to appropriately appeal to customer interest
  • Increased creativity and unity within a team dynamic
  • Improved self-esteem through better communication

With PhonePRO’s Communication Styles workshop is a team building exercise that enhances communication skills and enables your team to recognize and value the strengths of others.  The result is higher levels of contribution and effectiveness as team members with fewer conflicts.  Using the tools to identify and meet other people’s needs, they’ll have the ability to gather information, make better decisions, manage time efficiently and reduce unproductive work.

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