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Conflict Topics

Conflict exists in every company, and it takes many forms.  Acknowledging it and then addressing it skillfully produces better business outcomes, grows interpersonal relationships, and increases our ability to handle new challenges.


If conflict is not handled effectively, the results can be damaging. Incompatible goals can quickly turn into personal dislike. Teamwork breaks down. Talent is wasted as people disengage from their work. And it’s easy to end up in a vicious downward spiral of negativity and recrimination. Unresolved disagreements feed a problem to the point of destructive behavior and daunting damage control.  Bottom line, conflict is not to be dismissed; it is to be managed so energy and progress are not lost.

Conflict Management workshop includes:

The Truth about Conflict

  • Awareness of how conflict can be productive
  • Different forms of conflict: avoid, accommodate, compromise, compete, collaborate
  • Examination of external and internal conflicts
  • Explore possible misalignment of individual and group goals


Identification, Prevention and Cure

  • Identify early signs and hot buttons of conflict before it escalates
  • Ramifications of missing or poor communication
  • Awareness of different viewpoints, experiences, generations and personalities
  • Define the problem, give up “must win”, evaluate options and begin resolution
  • Communication techniques to open the other person’s receptivity
  • The blame game and how to find a middle ground
  • Active listening and responding
  • Feeding the solution not the problem
  • Turn disagreements into discussions


Successful Outcomes of Managing Conflict

  • Increased productivity and job satisfaction
  • Increased self-knowledge and personal accountability
  • Renewed belief by staff that they can work together as a team
  • Staff empowerment to manage disputes productively
  • Achieve goals without undermining other parts of the organization
  • Improved group cohesion, mutual respect and higher morale
  • Enhancement of focus and effectiveness
  • Reduction of inappropriate or unproductive behavior
  • Decrease stress and wasted time; save money and reduce risk


With PhonePRO’s Conflict Management workshop, you will gain awareness of the growth benefits of conflict as well as the tools to work toward a positive resolution.  Conflict is inevitable; it becomes a problem when it hampers productivity, lowers morale and causes inappropriate behavior.  Dealing with it effectively can uncover and remove roadblocks, energize your staff and move you toward success.

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