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phone etiquette

Customer ServicePRO

Customer service agents are the people that shape the customer’s opinion of your company – so be sure they are creating the right impression with your clients, every time. Customer Service is the core of what we do – let us show you how your staff will elevate your reputation and define your brand with consistent, excellent service.


Telephone Etiquette & Customer Service training includes:

Phone Etiquette Fundamentals

  • A short, consistent greeting that will begin each and every call on a positive note
  • A call close that will ensure a positive lasting impression
  • Best practices for placing callers on hold, screening or transferring calls, avoiding
    “dead air” and more…


Questioning Techniques and Email for Clear Communication

  • Tactful questioning techniques to gather needed information
  • The basics of creating professional, concise and effective email


Call Control and Empathy

  • Engaging the caller while managing call times
  • Vocabulary choices for maintaining control of the phone call
  • The importance of empathy and its role in succesful communication


Delivering Negative Information in a Positive Way

  • Using positive words and phrases to soften negative information
  • Phrasing techniques that decrease resistance and increase cooperation
  • The importance of vocabulary and voice tone choices in preventing irate callers


Handling Irate Callers – the Basics

  • A step by step formula to handle difficult or irate callers
  • How to prevent call escalation and increase first call resolution
  • How to keep cool and not bring stress into the next call


Voice Tone, Attitude and Personal Contribution

  • Maintaining a positive voice tone even on a “bad day”
  • How their attitude directly affects the service they provide
  • Seeing a customer service position as meaningful and contributing to the company’s success
  • …and more!



communication skillsWith Customer ServicePRO training, your staff will learn the call management tools to positively influence each customer’s business and loyalty to your company.

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