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Generations at Work

Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millenials…oh my!  Organizations must create a productive environment with a vast range of unique generations in the workforce.
Recognizing how workforce demographics are changing is vital to reducing tension and maintaining productive staff relationships. With Baby Boomers exiting the workplace and the Gen Y population increasing, new management skills are necessary.

Our training will…

  • Increase successful collaboration between
    age groups
  • Reduce tension and dismissive behavior
  • Pave the way for integrating younger workers


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How can we do our best working together?

What if Tony Bennett, the Beatles and Justin Bieber all worked on a project together.  Imagine the communication gap!  But if that was solved, the results would be amazing.  Successful collaboration leads to more innovation, improved quality and knowledge sharing.  Sounds great, right?  So what’s the big deal about multiple generations in the workplace?  For starters, this is the first time in history when there is a significant presence of FOUR generations in the workforce.  And the rest might surprise you.

Are we really that different?

Yes.  Millennials are the youngest in the workforce and Baby Boomers are currently the largest population in the workforce.  Let’s compare some generational traits that can impact workplace harmony:


Trait Baby Boomers Millennials
View of work Live to work Work to live
View on corporate authority and hierarchy Important Don’t care what your title is;
experienced the self-esteem
Salary and compensation Work hard to get it Simply expect it
View on the future It is ours! Might not happen!
View on Technology Reluctant to embrace it Masters; always technically connected

Generational rapport is critical to creating an environment of group effort, robust dialogue and high performance.  According to research reported in Managing the Millennials, here’s the rub:  “More than 60 percent of employers say that they are experiencing tension between employees from different generations.  More than 70 percent of older employees are dismissive of younger workers’ abilities.  50 percent of younger employees are dismissive of the abilities of their older coworkers.  The tension is so thick in some organizations that it has become debilitating.”

Millennials Rising

The Millennial Generation is the largest since the Baby Boomers. Corporate activities that have seemed relatively clear cut have now become challenging with a generation coming on board with innate notions of entitlement, technology and high self-esteem dancing in their heads.  Companies that proactively integrate this new group will save themselves a great deal of time and expense.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing varies according to the number of days our instructor is onsite at your location as well as the length of the program and how many people we will be training. Rest assured, we have designed training programs for clients with a variety of staffing and other challenges. Most of our onsite classes are full days (7 hours of training) and start at $2400/day. Contact us for a quote! Give us a call at 800-888-4893 or email us at and we will help you design the best training program to meet your goals!

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Generations in the Workplace…creating common ground from uncommon backgrounds.

communication techniquesWith PhonePRO’s Generations workshop, you will learn to capitalize on generational diversity by encouraging appreciation and acceptance to create successful teams.

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