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Generations Topics

Which rock icon would be nominated for the “Shock Rock Award” in today’s workplace?  For one generation it is Elvis – for another generation, Elvis was tame and Madonna pushed the limit.  And the newest generation in the workforce would certainly cast its vote for Lady Gaga.


Generations share heroes, icons, historical experiences and trends that shape their personal demeanor.  You, as their manager, get to work with each one and foster an environment of collaboration throughout the ranks.  Your ability to adapt and lead the way is made clearer with the generational characteristics and managing tips you find in the PhonePRO Generations workshop.   BTW, u will LOL at some of the generational themes!  U’ll say GMAB! HHO1/2K!

PhonePRO’s Generation in the Workplace includes:

The Generational Landscape

  • What birth years, historical events and experiences shape each generation?
  • Examine the different points of view present at work and how discord can happen if generational differences are left uncovered
  • Explore how each generation views loyalty, change and teamwork


Modeling the Way

  • Discover how to handle potential barriers and points of tension
  • Cultivate cohesion from amongst the indifferent, stoic and free spirits
  • Support and encourage different generations to increase engagement and teamwork


Workplace Performance

  • Discover how to handle potential barriers and points of tension
  • Attract and retain talented individuals and gauge job satisfaction
  • Use generational patterns to facilitate solid hiring decisions
  • Create the team environment that thrives and can be sustained
  • Build teams that can meet the needs of a diverse customer base


With PhonePRO’s Generations workshop, you will decipher the code for creating unity and cohesion out of generational diversity.  Gallup research reveals that one or more strong partnerships at work generate increased wellbeing, better customer scores, retention, safety, creativity, productivity and profitability. 


Having very different generations in the workplace is a reality.  Smart leaders today will proactively capitalize on this by encouraging appreciation and acceptance in order to move forward as a successful team.

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