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Emotional Rebound

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We train our Service Reps how to handle and defuse irate customers, yet we may be missing an important need of theirs! How do they control their own emotions when challenged? And how do they rebound from difficult interactions? Job stress, burnout, and turnover are more likely to occur due to emotional fatigue than any other factor. Help your Service Reps learn to control and manage their emotions and take care of their own emotional health.


Participants will learn to identify their own emotional triggers, triage their emotions in real time, and center themselves in order to rebound from a difficult customer interaction.


This 2-hour workshop teaches the basics of Emotional Rebound

  • Identifying your triggers
  • Learning to re-cast your story about the situation
  • Techniques to ground yourself
  • Strategies to get back in the game

Benefits of this training course

Include this workshop in your Customer ServicePRO or ServicePLUS training for Reps who serve in challenging environments, who are handling a large volume of callers, or who are assisting your organization through a transition. In a daily environment of high call volumes and challenging customer conversations, this course will provide tools to help Reps manage their emotions, keep a level head in difficult situations while delivering excellence customer service. Or just if you want to add a little more care for your Reps, this course help boost their engagement and job satisfaction.  

High-level course agenda

  • Personal Triggers: Identify your own personal emotional triggers and learn to defuse them before they go off.
  • Learning to Re-Cast Your Story: Our emotional reaction as an incredible amount to do with what we tell ourselves about a situation. Learn what to say when you talk to yourself.
  • Techniques to Ground Yourself: Choose among several prove techniques to center yourself during an emotionally charged situation and begin to incorporate them.
  • Emotional Rebound: From the battlefield to sports psychology come proven techniques to focus and reset your emotions to get you back in the game.


How much does it cost?

Our pricing varies according to the number of days our instructor is onsite at your location as well as the length of the program and how many people we will be training. Rest assured, we have designed training programs for clients with a variety of staffing and other challenges. Most of our onsite classes are full days (7 hours of training) and start at $2400/day. Contact us for a quote! Give us a call at 800-888-4893 or email us at and we will help you design the best training program to meet your goals!
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