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MIX & MATCH Training

Customize your training by combining our courses to create the program that fits YOUR needs perfectly!

Consider this option if…

  • You have Service Agents that need to sell
  • You want your staff to work together
    more effectively
  • You have a customer service culture

Customer Service, Sales, Team Building, DISC, Conflict Management…select from these and more to design your own training program.
Customization is key at PhonePRO.  We will help you create the right combination of course topics and match you with the right Trainers to deliver the results you want.

  For example…

Do you have Service Agents that need to sell?

Combine Customer Service and Sales to create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities while delivering stellar service!

Do you want your staff to work together more effectively?

Combine DISC with Conflict Management and/or Team Building and watch productivity increase while discord drops!

Do you have a customer service culture?

Combine Customer Service and Coaching and invigorate your staff by instilling a sense of pride and common purpose that your customers will recognize and appreciate.

Do your Managers have the knowledge and skills to coach their employees?

Combine Coaching, DISC, Generations at Work, Service and/or Sales to increase Management effectiveness, enhance employee skill levels and create an environment of engagement.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing varies according to the number of days our instructor is onsite at your location as well as the length of the program and how many people we will be training. Rest assured, we have designed training programs for clients with a variety of staffing and other challenges. Most of our onsite classes are full days (7 hours of training) and start at $2400/day. Contact us for a quote! Give us a call at 800-888-4893 or email us at and we will help you design the best training program to meet your goals!

customer service philosophyCustomization is key at PhonePRO. We will help you create the right combination of course topics and match you with the right Trainers to deliver the results you want.

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