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phone etiquette

How It Works

PhonePRO’s Sales onsite training

Who Should Attend?

Whether on the Phone, Face-to-Face or Online, this training is appropriate for a variety of sales professionals in virtually any industry.  This includes inside sales teams, field sales reps that do prospecting via the phone as well as customer service reps who are now being asked to offer additional products or services.  It is ideal for anyone that is responsible for increasing revenue.


Class Details

Complete 7 hours in a single day or condensed into half-day sessions over 2 days. Our ideal class size is up to 20 students. Our best training recommendation consists of three steps: Tailor, Teach and Tutor.Keep in mind…we will modify the agenda to suit your needs!

TailorCustomization of your program

During the Observation & Needs Assessment day, your PhonePRO trainer will meet with your management team and sit side-by-side with your employees and listen to their calls.  This allows your trainer to truly learn your business and incorporate real life examples throughout the training that will really resonate with your staff.

TeachTraining Days

Our training sessions are interactive and fun, quickly resulting in positive behavior changes. People learn in direct proportion to the amount of fun they’re having, so rest assured your PhonePRO trainer will keep them smiling while they learn solid phone skills.


What’s the next step after training?  Keeping the skills alive with Coach-the-Coach!  It’s the best way to maximize your training dollars long after your PhonePRO trainer has “left the building”.

Questions?  We’re here to help!  800-888-4893

Success Stories

Customer Service Phone Skills Training