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SalesPRO Topics

Our philosophy is that sales isn’t just a presentation, but a consultation where the salesperson asks good questions to determine the customer’s needs before offering their product or service.

Building on this foundation, we give your reps a specific, easy to follow roadmap that illustrates the step-by-step process to successful selling.  This sales approach will be tailored to work with your internal sales processes and can be easily adapted to your team’s skill level whether they are brand new to sales or seasoned pros.

SalesPRO Training includes:

Mindset and Psychology—Overcoming Sales Reluctance

  • Debunking common myths and misconceptions about salespeople
  • Using real life examples the agents can relate to and learn from

Effective Questioning Techniques

  • Asking good questions to determine the right product or service to meet the customer’s needs is the cornerstone of our program
  • Students will build their own list of questions in their own words so they can put them to use immediately

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

  • Simple steps to transform an “order taker” into a salesperson
  • Creating a seamless transition from customer service to sales and how they work together
  • Leveraging current client relationship to increase sales

Melting Resistance (Overcoming Objections)

  • We will explore the most common types of resistance (objection)
  • How to identify a “real” objection vs. the customer letting you know they need more information in order to make a decision
  • Hands on practice for melting resistance

Closing the Sale

  • We will demonstrate how leading into the close is simply a natural progression of the conversation and that no sale will take place without this critical step
  • Identifying our top 5 Closing Techniques and when to use them
  • Creating closing statements that can be used immediately


With SalesPRO training, we use formulas instead of scripts so that your staff will learn to be themselves and enjoy the sales process.  They’ll have the tools, techniques and mindset to become successful salespeople and true advocates for their customers.  Sales shouldn’t be scary…so we take out the fear and replace it with skill and confidence!

Questions?  We’re here to help!  800-888-4893

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