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phone etiquette

What Our Clients Say

40% of our business is from Repeat clients and another 25% is Referral.  Here’s why!

“PhonePRO is focused on selling ethically and effectively…after just one day observing our operation was then able to deliver a powerful training session that was custom tailored to our business model and processes …communicated an array of battle tested standards in order to increase our sales in an ethical manner and handle customers with care and respect.  AMAZING!”


“Instead of scripting and dictating, Phone Pro allows agents to express themselves in their own personal styles.  This gives them more control over and comfort with the conversation and makes them sound natural instead of forced.   We have heard the difference in only three days.”


“Well, where do I begin …. $$$$$ …. we saw a 21% INCREASE IN SALES during the three weeks immediately following your training. Our revenue increased .20 cents per call…. yes every call…… now that is progress!!”


“You met and exceeded each of our expectations and training needs with excitement, energy and rememberable concepts.”


“As a management team, we were impressed with the insights you gleaned from the day of side-by-side observations and how well you were able to target the training’s emphasis on those things most needed for our specific organization.  It was not a one-size fits
all approach.”


“Not only did you provide us with valuable information, but you went one step further by demonstrating to us exactly why the methods are proven to be successful.  Well done!”

Success Stories

Customer Service Phone Skills Training