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How It Works

PhonePRO’s Stress Busters workshop

Who Should Attend?
This workshop will benefit anyone that interacts with customers and fellow staff members.  Basically, it’s perfect for everyone that would like to learn how to effectively manage their personal and professional stress in order to have a more satisfying and productive life.


Class Details
Our ideal size of this 3 hour workshop is 15 people or more. This is an extremely interactive and fun workshop.  Using several group activities and exercises, participants are guided toward recognizing different types of stress and given the tools to handle them.


Expect a lot of fun, laughter and “ah-ha” moments! Stress Busters can be a stand alone workshop, or scheduled in conjunction with other training days such as Customer Service or Sales. It’s up to you!

Questions?  We’re here to help!  800-888-4893

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