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Stress Busters Topics

We live in a world of constant stimulation! Our lives are more complicated and busy than ever before. We are bogged down with cell phones, email, instant messaging and texting – all designed to keep us within arms reach of any new, existing or developing crisis.  All of this stimulation creates an anxious, stressed society that is over scheduled, over stimulated and subject to many health problems.

PhonePRO’s Stress Busters workshop includes:

Identifying and Defining Stress

  • How to define and recognize Positive and Negative Stress
  • What their current stress level is (based on a test given in class)


Alleviating the Effects of Stress

  • The importance of proper breathing to reduce tension
  • “At-your-desk” techniques to practice during stressful situations


Stress Management Tools

  • Examine “the power of choice” and the effect their choices have
  • Tools and techniques to identify and manage stress in their personal and professional lives


With PhonePRO’s Stress Busters workshop, you will create camaraderie within your staff by providing a fun session that helps everyone learn to identify and manage the stress in their lives. Most people don’t make time to deal with this issue on their own, so it is sometimes up to employers to provide an opportunity for change so their employees can be healthier and happier at work and in their personal lives.

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