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Team Building Topics

Companies rely heavily on the work of teams. Each team’s environment needs to be cultivated in a transparent way that promotes interaction, reduces stress, fosters innovation, creates energy, encourages purposeful debate and produces outstanding results.  PhonePRO’s Team Building workshop is the catalyst to a thriving team environment.

PhonePRO’s Team Building workshop includes:

Establishing Team Expectations

  • How to clarify your team’s mission so that every project is a success
  • Establish common ground in order to create standard team behaviors and consistency
  • Align individual goals with team goals to create unity and focus


There is an “I” in team

  • Realize natural differences in each other and recognize that everyone has something to contribute
  • Individuals explore how they are naturally “wired” and received by others
  • The vital role of personal accountability within the team
  • How team results depend on recognizing the team is built on a foundation of individuals


Transforming Team Behaviors

  • The three vital communication tools that will make or break a team
  • Increase each team members’ ability to listen effectively
  • Learn to avoid unknowingly shutting out other’s ideas and contributions
  • Embrace diversity and learn to respect others’  ideas and opinions


With PhonePRO’s Team Building workshop, your teams will develop valuable working relationships, and mold their unique team environment so each member gives extra-mile effort to fulfilling their shared purpose.

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