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How It Works

PhonePRO’s Train-the-Trainer program

Who Should Attend?
Anyone with the responsibility of training new and existing staff.  We highly recommend that you have experienced trainers learn to deliver the PhonePRO courses.  We can work with less experienced trainers, but unlike courses that teach people how to become trainers, our course is designed for existing trainers that want to deliver a PhonePRO program.

Class Details
Complete 7 hours in a single day or condensed into half-day sessions over 2 days. Our ideal class size is up to 20 Trainers. The average program usually involves your PhonePRO trainer to be onsite at your location 4-5 days.  Our best training recommendation consists of three steps: Tailor, Teach and Tutor. Keep in mind…we will modify the agenda to suit your needs!

TailorCustomization of your program
This is the day prior to the actual training when your PhonePRO instructor will sit side by side with your staff, reviewing live calls.  This day also includes a consultation with management to discuss your goals and objectives.  It is how we customize our program so the trainer is speaking your organization’s language with relevant examples they can relate to and learn from.  This step is particularly important when we are developing a program that will be utilized on an ongoing basis for your organization.

TeachTraining Days
The first day of training will usually consist of frontline staff members and the new trainers.  The trainers will spend the day with the frontline staff to learn the material as a student before tackling how they will teach their own classes! The trainers will receive their Train-the-Trainer manual and observe the class a second time in order to take notes and to prepare for their certification which will take place the next day.

Your trainers will spend the day with their PhonePRO instructor learning not only the course concepts, but also the psychology and reasoning behind them so they can feel comfortable with them and be ready for any questions that may come up during their training classes.  The instructor will provide tips and techniques to make the training interesting, relevant and fun for the new trainers.

Questions?  We’re here to help!  800-888-4893

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