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Licensing & Trainer Certification Topics

Most companies do not have a formal customer service or sales training program.  Many try to develop their own and then eventually look for one ‘off the shelf’.  Other companies have high turnover, multiple locations or a large staff population and aren’t sure how to get everyone trained.  If you face one or more of these challenges, we can either train everyone or we can give you the tools to do it yourself!  Of course we would love to train all of your staff – that’s what we do!  But if that isn’t an option, Licensing & Trainer Certification just may be the solution!

PhonePRO’s Licensing & Trainer Certification course includes:

Learning to Deliver PhonePRO training

  • Ensure customer service or sales techniques are understood
  • Group activities and breakout sessions to keep class involved
  • Thorough understanding of each technique and the philosophy behind it


Customization for your Company

  • How to fit PhonePRO training into your company’s overall vision and create a “service culture”
  • Learn to identify trouble spots and trends and incorporate them into your training to increase overall effectiveness
  • Workbooks, skill cards and other materials tailored to your needs


Hands-on Practice

  • Incorporate your own unique delivery style into the program
  • Use our fun training tools to illustrate important learning points
  • Provide additional ideas for hands-on activities and group exercises to be used during training

With PhonePRO’s Licensing & Trainer Certification course, you can have PhonePRO training whenever you want!  This license option is a cost effective and convenient way to solve your training challenges and spread the PhonePRO spirit throughout your company.
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