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Go Team! Key Strategies for Improved Performance, Wednesday, July 17, 1pm EST

What do employees really want? Studies have found 2 answers that come up again and again.
1. They want to know what is expected of them AND 2. They want regular and consistent feedback about how they are doing.

In other words, a clear set of standards must be communicated and then reinforced through regular side-by-side coaching sessions. Coaches interpret the standards and, in turn, this determines how they document each employee’s performance. So it is essential that they attend regularly scheduled Calibration sessions for fine-tuning and consistency.

Calibration can be very challenging because people often have different ways of doing things. If you are told you did it “wrong”, it can be very frustrating – especially if you were never told there was a “right” way. When this occurs in a work setting, it can lead to an environment of de-motivation, unfairness, mistrust, low confidence, confusion and downright frustration!

This 30-minute webinar will explore the numerous keys to success for communicating a clear set of standards and ensuring the “Coaches” are all on the same page.


Topics in this webinar will include:

  • Three components for establishing a Quality Assessment Program that will motivate employees to meet company standards.
  • Essential tips for creating an effective quality checklist
  • The difference between “standard” and “style”
  • Key strategies to ensure consistency between “Coaches”
  • How to successfully handle inconsistencies during a calibration session
  • The powerful “secret weapon” to improve employee performance and, in turn, to increase customer satisfaction
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