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Ensure Quality Customer Service on Every Call

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Ensure Quality Customer Service on Every Call

Here’s the “easy” question: How would you rate your organization’s customer service? Good? Fair? Poor? We typically have a gut feeling about the level of customer service our organization provides. Below is the formula often used to answer the “easy” question:

(What I overhear on calls) + (my assumptions of the customer’s satisfaction) x (my personal customer service expectations) = Good/Fair/Poor Customer Service

Here’s the “hard” question: How do you know your gut answer is correct? The first step to validate the gut answer is to define what excellent customer service looks like. The next step is to infuse those excellent customer service behaviors into widespread practice throughout your organization. This 30-minute webinar will launch your customer service efforts into being rated not just “Good”, but “Great!” every time!

We will cover tactics to help you:
  • Evaluate your current approach to providing quality customer service
  • Differentiate meaningful customer service strategies from those that miss the mark
  • Shed light on who in your organization actually owns and indisputably influences consistently great customer service on every call
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