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10 Essential Characteristics of a THRIVING Workplace

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Have you ever thought about planning a “Take YOURSELF to work day”?!

When a person agrees to work for your company, they are excited and curious. A new employee does not have to be reminded to “show up” to work. They show up not only physically but also mentally, emotionally and energetically! They aren’t thinking how their lack of effort and caring can wane over time… but it so often does shrink.
This live webinar dives into 10 indispensable characteristics of a THRIVING workplace.

We will explore:

  • What can leaders do to ignite passion, genuine caring and real commitment?
  • What can fuel continuous improvement?
  • What might be happening in your workplace that is counter-productive to THRIVING?
  • We’ll look at not only WHAT these essential characteristics to THRIVING are but also HOW can they be used. You will walk away with tangible ideas you can use immediately.

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