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Why Web Seminars?

Why use Web Seminars for your Organization’s Training needs? There are MANY reasons and we guarantee a few of them will be the answers to your questions! If you’ve thought of something we haven’t covered here, give us a call! 1-888-800-4893 or send us an email to:
Budget Friendly. Make the most of your training dollars with multiple different purchase options.
New Hire Training. Train new hires that join your team to get them up to speed with what the rest of their peers are doing for your customers.
Refresher Training. Brush up on ServicePRO concepts taught onsite with a Web Seminar viewing of the specific topics needing review.
Convenience. Our Web Seminars are available 24/7 and segmented at 15-25 minutes per Webinar.
Schedule Your Learning Plan. Watch one Web Seminar, apply those techniques, and then move on to the next Web Seminar when you are ready! This tiered approach works GREAT for keeping departments on the same learning pace!
So Many Options. Individual tickets can be purchased for small groups or if your needs dictate a specific segment of Customer Service training. Unlimited access to all Web Seminars can be purchased for specific timeframes up to one year. This access allows for all employees within one company, in one location, for whichever time frame your organization needs!
Reporting. You can track your associates’ completion rate, quiz scores, and overall progress through the Training Management Site. An exportable report is also available!
Sense of Accomplishment. At the very end of each Web Seminar, your associates can obtain their own Certificate of Completion.
Viewing Options. The Web Seminars can be viewed individually or in a group setting! During Group Viewings, encourage conversation, feedback, and challenge your staff to give examples on how they can apply these principles to their day to day tasks.
So how do I know which Web Seminar I need?
The Web Seminars are designed to build on top of each of their individual concepts and flow in the order listed below and on the website. We always recommend starting from the top for new employees or those who are new to the PhonePRO Training concepts. Here is a brief overview of each Web Seminar Segment, each of the first four segments have two videos.
Click on the Links to go to a demo of the videos!

Greeting, Controlling a Call, Holds/ Transfers, Wrapping up the Call
Vocabulary, Voice Tone, Words and their Meanings
Voice as an Instrument, External Influences on Customer Service, Listening, Empathy
Emotions, Energy, Difficult & Abusive Callers
Effective multi-line management skills including Transfers, Announcing Callers, Prioritizing Phone vs Visitors

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